Wedding Fonts You Need!

A few of our most popular blog posts, believe it or not, are font related!  Working as a logo designer + brand stylist, I come across more fonts than I can count. We have over 6,000 fonts at our fingertips to use!  Not only do I love fonts in general, but as some of you might know, I also design them.  My other Font Crush posts have featured a wide variety of fonts from many different designers, but this post is special…




Because these are all *my* fonts!  You can find each of these on my website, as well as the links associated with them in the list below.


  • Elegant Calligraphy — this is my brand spankin’ new Cherokee Rose font.  It’s jam-packed full of features, and a lot of swash options, making it perfect for a wedding invitation that exudes elegance & class.


  • Swirly Letters — Meet Sweet Jasmine, a smooth, casual script with plenty of swirly extras.  Each letter has lovely beginning & end swashes, and some characters have multiple forms.


  • Flowy Pen — Sea Breeze is perfect for a laid-back invitation, featuring a bit of a coastal or beachy feel, with elongated strokes & easy to read characters.


  • Beautiful Rustic — You’re going to want to pair one of these cursive fonts with a printed font — check out Spring Market, which would be perfect paired with Cherokee Rose.  The Spring Market + Cherokee Rose combo would give your wedding invitation the perfect farmhouse chic feel.


  • Modern & Chic — Florida Girl Sans (comes in three weights) would be perfect to pair with Sweet Jasmine & Sea Breeze, for an easy to read, clean look on your wedding invitation.


Want to know about the graphic title?  That also comes in the Florida Girl Sans family — this is the bold version!

I’m excited for my fonts to be used in various projects — please, feel free to share your project with me if you use any of my fonts!


4 thoughts on “Wedding Fonts You Need!”

  1. Hi, I’m trying to find a font pairing I found on google that was linked to your website. It’s called “5 Stunning Wedding Invite Font Pairings” and the pairing I’m looking for “Beautiful & Clean”. Do you know where I can find them? Thanks!!

  2. Tammie Childress

    I’m trying to find a font combo that I found from an image on google the is linked to your website- says “5 stunning wedding invite font pairings” and the one I like is “gorgeous and modern”. do you know what this is and what the font is called?

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