Font Crush Favs

A few of my font crush favs on the blog today!  I can’t get enough of the brush scripts lately.  They’re trendy and stylish, and offer a nice edge to a brand.  For me, I love the idea of something that is a little rough around the edges, since it adds some personality!  I’ve included links to each of the fonts displayed here, as well as a few other links to see the fonts in action!

1. Five Boroughs

See Five Boroughs in action here, in one of our premades!

2. The Sofy 

See The Sofy in action here, in one of our premades!

3. Saturday

Check out Saturday here!

4. Heart and Soul

5. Bonjour

Bonus!  The lovely sans font you see on the title?  That’s Beloved, and it’s an AMAZING family.

We’d also be thrilled to design a custom piece for you, using one of these fonts, or use any of these options with your favorite logo from our premade marketContact us for more info, or to chat about options!




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