Using SEO to Get More Website Traffic

How My Optimized Page Content Can Help Your Website

There are three ways for people to visit a website:

  1. Going there directly by typing in the URL – they have to know the site for this
    Example: Someone who’s visited your website before
  2. Backlinks – links to a website from other websites
    Example: This is usually done with sites like The Knot & Pinterest for wedding industry websites
  3. Search Results – people finding the site as a solution to something that they’re looking for online.
    Example: Someone searches on “bakery near me” & your bakery website appears in search results if they’re local to you

Of the three, search results are by far the most powerful in terms of potential traffic because they’re the most readily accessible. There are close to 4 billion Google searches every day – I used one just now to get that factoid. Think about that a sec … what impact would it have for your business if just 400 people found your website each day because it’s what they were searching for? That sort of potential is what every website owner craves.

Search Engines Are How You Can Increase Traffic to Your Website

All this means is that website owners should be optimizing their website pages to make it easier for search engines to understand what question those pages should be answering.

Example: If you have a veterinary clinic, you probably want to make it abundantly clear that you’re providing specific services to a certain geographic area on your website.

Google & other search engines understand what a website is trying to provide, usually, and website owners can tap into that data & understand how search engines see their website, giving them a baseline to work from. Is the website’s content confusing or thin? Performance on search engine results pages probably won’t be that impressive but you can usually fix that issue with some good on site SEO. Well-optimized web pages will answer the need that people are searching for & be easy to use. It’s simple at its core but it really is an art form to deliver.

Using On Site SEO to Improve Your Pages

If you’re reading this, you already know that search engines are constantly learning & adapting to what we look for online. Using SEO research & reporting tools, both for technical & content purposes, can have a dramatic effect on page SEO rankings. Something as simple as a blog post SEO strategy can make a huge difference to a website’s rankings.

Example: Publish one post per week describing the events that your event planning business has done, showing pictures of the events & describing where they were held. Not only is this a powerful record of your achievements for potential customers, it provides rich SEO content for your website.

Experience is Key

First, SEO isn’t magic, it’s just like everything else – if you study it & work in it long enough, you’re going to pick up skills along the way. I’ve been working in SEO for about a decade at this point, so I automatically know how to improve a site’s SEO with just a few best practices & I invest in tools to make that process even better to identify & focus on relevant queries.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all you need to do is use a bunch of the target keywords that you want to be found for on your web pages. That’s called keyword stuffing & stopped working a long time ago – it’s more likely to get a website penalized, nowadays. It really is a fulltime job to stay up to date on current SEO best practices & while most people can figure it out, we’re all busy doing other things.

Providing Useful Content Makes Everyone Happy

If the content on your website is informative, helpful, and easy to read, your website visitors will appreciate it & will forgive the occasional outdated piece of information. Search engines, in turn, will pick up on the fact that people are engaging with your website’s content & will maintain a higher rank for a web page with useful content.

Example: Your landscaping business has a page on the website that describes how to reseed a fescue lawn but some of the resources that the page links to are no longer available. The content is still useful because the process has never really changed & people are constantly visiting the page based on that search – search engines reward useful content like this by moving it higher in search results.

Structured Data Is Good

If you keep the information on a particular page that’s important to your website neat & easy to navigate with structured data, everyone appreciates it. Search engines will be able to more easily understand what the page is about & your visitors will be able to follow the page’s information much more easily.

Use an SEO Service

This is what most website owners find themselves considering, eventually, because they know that it’s a complex issue & they want to know that it’s done right. Hiring a good SEO is almost as delicate as hiring a good accountant, though. The long-established, large SEO firms are super expensive & you can land yourself in trouble with the ones that sound too good to be true, so you want to find your way to the Goldilocks zone of SEO. Not too flashy, not too shabby, just right.

I provide SEO services for the immediate and long term. An SEO strategy is a long-term game but there are short term wins that some websites can take advantage of, I’ve seen sites rank the same week for new content – unusual but not unheard of.

SEO Content Writing Only

This is a single piece created for your website in the form of written, optimized content. I provide initial keyword research to plan the article, then create & publish your optimized content.

Example: Your clinic starts a new service that you want local people to find in search results but you don’t want monthly search ranking reporting – one-time optimized content that’s easy to read & specific for your surrounding area will do this.


  • Single article creation focusing on up to 3 keywords, usually 500-1500 words long
  • Image sourcing (high quality stock photos)
  • Meta Data, H1/H2 Tags, Bold/Italics usage, and Alt Text
  • Proper URL structure for the optimized post
  • Recommendations for future content

Not included:

  • Site performance analysis & improvements
  • Google Analytics & Search Console setup
  • Sitemap Generation and Submission to search engines
  • Internal Link Building / Optimization
  • SEO monitoring & reporting
  • Experienced SEO consultant for content and layout improvements
  • Paid Ads
  • External link building

SEO Campaign

This is a long term, planning & execution content creation & results monitoring service. I help to plan out content that the website will need in order to rank for its target keywords, create optimized content for your website, publish, and monitor results. SEO Campaign Clients receive monthly SEO reports so they’re able to see how successful the campaign is & can use the data to help plan paid ads, too.

Example: Your cosmetics business just launched a new product line & you need to create optimized content for it to reach a wider audience & know how well it’s performing for specific keywords.

Includes multiple article creation each month – everything included with SEO content writing only +

  • Site performance analysis & improvements
  • Google Analytics & Search Console setup
  • Sitemap Generation and Submission to search engines
  • Internal Link Building / Optimization
  • SEO monitoring & reporting
  • Experienced SEO consultant for content and layout improvements

Not included:

  • Paid Ads
  • External link building campaign
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