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Eat, Drink, & Be Fashionable is a woman-owned boutique clothing website based in Southern California. Marrissa & Matt, her veteran husband, live in San Bernardino county & are entrepreneur parents with two young children, for whom the business was started.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Marrissa decided to take a chance & invest in her business rather than play it safe. She focused on getting a more established social media presence & improving her website to make it faster, brighter & more user-friendly. Working with our web team, Marrissa & Matt now have a killer fashion boutique website & are filling orders for customers nationwide!

Marrissa, an Orange County native, brings a keen sense of urban fashion to the business & she enjoys stocking her fashion boutique with new inventory for her customers. Matt provides the silent support on the back end of things, a must in any business, and they’re quite the team!

If you’re familiar with how boutique websites work, you know that if you see something on their site that you like, you’d best get it then because there’s no guarantee that the same item will be available later – although if in doubt, simply reach out to her on her website, Marrissa is a down-to-earth boutique owner & loves connecting with her customers!

I’ve worked diligently to provide you all with products I know you’ll love. All the clothing you see has been handpicked by me, and received a complete quality inspection before it either reaches your doorstep, or that bush to the left of your patio so your hubby doesn’t see (wink, wink).

Marrissa Padilla, Owner of Eat, Drink, + Be Fashionable Clothing Boutique

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