Website Feature: Coral Lane Event Rentals, Kaufman, Texas

Owners of Coral Lane Event Rentals, Kaufman, TX

Lindsey & Natalie were school teachers & friends when they first started Coral Lane Event Rentals in Kaufman, TX & I can still remember walking through the Houston airport talking to them on the phone about some initial things right after we started working on their website – I wasn’t convinced that the way that they wanted to handle their rentals would be the best because it was a good bit pricier than a solution that I had proposed to them & I was worried about undue financial stress. They were pretty adamant about doing it the way that they had discussed based on feedback from other event rental business owners that they had spoken with, so we worked it into their website & I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they had gone full time in their event rental business in what I would call a pretty short time after launching. Not only that but when the occasional software conflict came up with the solution that they were using, the staff of the solution were incredibly prompt, pleasant, and professional in their replies & code upgrades to address the conflicts.

In an even shorter time period than it had taken them to go full time with their rental business, they had opened up an event venue in Kaufman, Texas, called the Emerson. This was GREAT! We loved the fact that these ladies were totally rocking their dreams & making a huge splash in their neck of the woods. As you may expect, this meant a lot of work, so they had to bring on additional bodies to help out & they’ve continued to grow & blow everyone away along the way.

Keep it up, ladies!

Branding Coordinator + Assistant Venue Manager, Coral Lane Event Rentals, Kaufman, TX

Lindsey & Natalie, the dynamic duo who started Coral Lane Event Rentals & Emerson Venue in Kaufman, TX

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