My Five Favorite Brush Fonts (for this five minutes)

Brush style scripts are totally hot right now – these are my five favorite brush fonts currently!  These have been used a lot for clients these days, requesting something that is easy to read, but still funky & has attitude.  I love that these are casual in nature, but that they’re strong enough to stand along as a wordmark.  I also love that they pair easily with a graphic to balance the brush aspect a bit in a logo.  Links to these fonts are posted below!

  1. Just Lovely — amazing with some fab alternates!
  2. Better Step — another great one with alternates.
  3. Brushfire
  4. Echo Soul
  5. Madina — now boasting a clean, less textured version of the font!


And honorable non-brushy mention?  The title & numbering here is from the super versatile Frontage family.

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