Font Crush Time!

It’s font crush time! I know it’s only February, y’all…but wedding season is upon us! It’s right around the corner, and you know what that means? Invitations. Autumn Lane had its start in wedding invitations (hence the “Paperie” in our biz name) & paper products. Even though that’s not our jam anymore, I love to help with a good font pairing, whether it’s logos, save the dates, or invitations. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite combos currently — check out the image below! The links to the fonts are below the image, so you can easily pick these fonts up for yourself!

  1. Gorgeous & Modern are a part of the Beloved font family.
  2. Beautiful is Aidan, and Clean is one of my go-tos — Lulo Clean One!
  3. Classic is Isabella, and Regal is Carrig Roman, one of my favorite serif fonts.
  4. Flowy is Melika Letter, and Fashionable is Santis, another favorite!
  5. Sweet is Amelia Script, a perfect wedding font, and Stylish is Arquitecta Thin, a member of the super versatile Arquitecta family.

Looking for something a bit more rustic? Drop by my own website for font design to see my selection of rustic fonts!

6 thoughts on “Font Crush Time!”

  1. Patricia Albuquerque

    Good evening! All right ? My name is Patricia and I would like to make a budget! I wanted either the full logo or only the font to develop it. I’m Brazilian, so do not notice if it’s a bit confusing to write! I’m finally using Google Translate. Ah! I do not understand very well how it works, I only know that what was in my mind is exactly one as soon as I found it in the pinterest and my heart jumped for joy.

  2. Hi Katrina,
    We don’t actually do any letterpress printing services — we’re purely digital! Perhaps you can get in touch with Dan, in the above comment, and ask him, at Seagull Press in Australia!


  3. Hi Beck I’m dan from seagull press in belgrave victoria australia…..I’m a letterpress Printer from way back and I saw your typeface collection on pinterest…very nice indeed.

    1. Hi beck, I wonder if you could teach me how to do letterpress? I’m also willing to pay for tutorials.;.. its for my expansion of business in the philippines

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