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Small business web design is important to get right – with each company’s website being as unique as a fingerprint, the investment required for each website will differ from client to client. We provide perfectly designed websites tailored to the business owner’s goals & needs, anticipating requirements & challenges before our client ever has to think about it.

You’ve worked hard to get your company where it is & investing in your baby will only continue to grow your returns & help take care of your people. Let’s make the website together that you’ll be thrilled with for years to come.

NOTE: We are not currently accepting custom web design jobs. This page will be edited soon to provide more accurate information, thank you for your patience.

Find the Website Design Package That's Right for You

Premade Website Design

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Custom Website Design

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Payment plans available

If none of our premade or custom website design options fit your particular needs, we can provide an individual website design quote for you. Just drop us a line letting us know what you’re looking for! 

Don’t forget to add in your website’s SEO setup to work smarter for traffic to your website.

Got an existing website that just needs a little TLC? Check out our Website Facelift!

We're Not Just Web Designers, We're A Digital Agency

Autumn Lane is a family business focusing on service to the small business community all around the world. We know that small businesses have a wide range of differences – some businesses have plenty of capital to invest and use, and some businesses are just getting off the ground. Our websites are intended to fit any business’s needs (and budget!) without sacrificing the quality we strive to provide.

What is a premade website? | What is a custom website?

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Need eCommerce? That's Our Specialty.

Whether your new site is a WordPress website, Squarespace, Shopify, or something else, we’ve got tons of eCommerce web development experience. We know how to cut out unnecessary distractions & keep your online shop extremely professional, if needed, or make it bouncy & fun – it all just depends on what your business needs are & what’s been working in your niche. Our development team will help integrate your email list into your online store, making your email marketing that much easier to perform later on. Your customers will love how user friendly your shop is, too!

Social Proof Is Important

One of the first things that we look for when we’re looking at doing business on a new website is how well-known they are. We get that not everyone loves posting on social media but it’s so important for a small business to display that they’re genuine, reachable, and responsive to their target audience. Our design process includes consideration for integration of testimonials, making it easy for your customers to leave new reviews on your website, showing off your fresh achievements.

Responsive Website Design Is Crucial

It should go without saying these days that we’re all looking at websites on different devices, so it’s really important that small business websites take that into consideration & that they use responsive design for the site. If a website’s content spills outside the screen on a mobile device & it’s difficult to navigate, it’s not very likely to receive high rankings in search results, which would be a major issue for most small business websites.

Don't Take Chances - Market It!

Unless a business is very well known with its customer base, the chance that your potential customers will find your website without a comprehensive marketing plan is very, very low – is that a risk that you’re willing to take? After your website has been designed & launched, using a combination of search engine & social media marketing will bring immediate traffic for a new website & an SEO campaign will allow the website to begin scaling back its ad budget over the years, drawing from the data gathered from your company’s ad campaigns.

We can help with this! Let us know you’re interested & we’ll put together a marketing plan proposal for your website, no contracts required.

What Our Clients Are Saying


What is a premade website design?


A premade website design is for people who need an awesome website in a hurry or aren’t ready to budget for a totally custom website yet. Just like the idea behind our Premade Logos, our Premade Website Designs provide the same great quality as our custom websites but at a fraction of the cost. It’s quick, easy, and beautiful!

What is a custom website design?


A custom website design is for people who are ready to take the next step and create an awesome website that represents their business. Whether you’re looking for a website that matches your brand 100% or just want something unique, the custom website option allows you the freedom to create the website of your dreams!

What does website design with you look like?


We will have had an initial chat with the client (you, hopefully!) before the project ever begins & we use the information that we collected during that conversation & from our form, later, to dive into what has worked & what might be able to be improved on with industry competitors.

We are invested in the success of each & every custom website owner, so functionality + SEO is the foundation of these projects.

How do I know that I’ll like the design?


We’re here for you!

Each website is built to present your audience with what they expect to see, based on our research, and our own improvements. After the site is put together, we’ll have an unveiling with you & you will have two revision rounds included in your project, which means that if you hate everything about it & want something completely different as one of your revision rounds, you’re completely able to do that.

Revision rounds are best handled on a Zoom session but if you prefer not to do that, we have a form for that, too!

How will people find my website?


This depends on each website owner’s business model.

If you’re someone who is killing it on social media or well-known in your area, the chances are pretty high that you’ll be able to drive traffic just for being who you are. For the rest of us, though, there are ways to get the word out about the new site with marketing & ongoing SEO – we’ll submit a proposal for your website as part of your project!

Can I split up my payments?



Our premade website design option can be split into 6 payments of $95/month! And for custom websites, we can provide a payment plan upon request on a case-by-case basis.

For most projects, the final website will be available once the payment plan is fulfilled but if we have a continuing relationship, such as with your marketing & SEO, we may waive that requirement.

We really care about helping your new website succeed.

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