Standard Website Service

$29.00 / month

This service has been retired & should not be purchased unless specifically directed to do so by us.

With our Standard Website Service, you can choose any of our Premade Website designs. Our Premade Websites are the result of our years of design, business, & website expertise all rolled into one easily affordable package that provides a new business website to clients around the world.  With wellover 2 decades of combined experience driving this process, you’re getting so much more than just another pretty website, even though that is what our websites are known for – you’re benefiting from our insight over the years across our own businesses & the thousands of businesses around the world that we’ve worked with.

Clients using our Standard Website Service receive:

  • Your choice of one of our Premade Wesbites
  • A mobile-responsive, eCommerce-capable website
  • Free domain registration & SSL certificate
  • 1 Free Premium Business Email account
    (domain-specific email to provide a cohesive brand)
  • Monthly website content updates carried out at the client’s request by Autumn Lane, up to 30 minutes per month
  • 1 Free Premade Website design swap per year – need a different look or happier with one of our newer designs? Swap the design on the house once annually!


The Autumn Lane Premade Website Process

We’re organization freaks when it comes to client sitebuilds – here’s the process:

1) Initial Questionnaire

You’ll receive a link to the initial website form, where we gather account information & provide some general guidance on things. Since we don’t want to overwhelm you, we send the right information at the right time. After we receive your completed form, we’ll email you with your scheduled website unveiling date, so use an email address you check often!

2) Website Preview & Content

After the website has been designed & built, we’ll send you a link to preview it – the website WILL be using placeholder content at this point, not your actual content so don’t get concerned when you see Latin on the site along with stock photos.
As part of Step 2, you will receive a link to our content form, which is how we collect your specific content from you. You’ll have prompts on each website page for what good content for that page will be but it needs to come from the business owner – we’re the website experts, not the expert in every client’s business.

3) Review Round 1

After we place your content, you will receive an email update & a form for your first of two included review rounds – told you we’re crazy about organization on these projects! We recommend checking out the website on a desktop or laptop as well as a smartphone. We do this as well but the more eyes that see the project, the more likely smaller details will be picked up on more quickly – send the form back & we’ll make the requested updates.

If you're happy with the site after the first review round, skip to step 5 & launch your site!

4) Review Round 2

After review round one, we’ll email with the second review round form & the process follows the previous revision round. Once this review round is completed, we can schedule your website launch!

5) Website Launch!

Once everything is in place, your website will be live & you’ll be able to do business with anyone in the world!

6) Support Requests

We have a handy Support Portal for any support requests that is seen & acted on by our entire web team, where our Standard Plan Website Clients can log their support requests day or night! 

Most requests will be completed within 1 business day of the initial request at no additional charge. If a request requires more complex work, we’ll let you know if it will take a little longer or if there’s an associated cost before performing the work.


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