Getting the Right Website Visitors

With very few exceptions, a business relies on its website generating warm leads for its sales funnel. Even if the website is informational in nature & isn’t an eCommerce website, it still needs to support the business operations somehow.

So how do you get the right people to your website? Marketing & SEO. Really, SEO is a part of marketing, since it replaces ad spend over time, but you get the picture.

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New websites usually need to invest in an ad campaign to get the right people to their website but doing this without knowing the pitfalls can be frustrating & expensive. We know how to protect our clients from costly mistakes in initial ad campaigns & focus on what’s working while finding new opportunities.

Usually, we’ll have gathered enough data after 3-6 months of a paid ad campaign to be able to put together an effective SEO campaign that will allow the website owner to begin to gradually reduce their ad budget as their organic traffic begins to pick up & replace paid traffic.

Who should see the most benefit from this?

The type of customer who is most likely to benefit from our services the most at this point would include:

  • Brand new websites (ideally that we built!)
  • Websites that have been up for a while but haven’t really seen much in the way of traffic

We’ve been at this for so long that we instinctively make a list of things that need to be done to a website when we look at it – you want to be the smartest one in the room when you’re around your competitors, right? Use us as your secret weapon to inject fresh, useful, rankable content in your website – they don’t need to know who wrote it. 😎

Are you able to optimize websites on other platforms?

Yes! We’ve worked on several platforms, primarily WordPress, Shopify, & Squarespace but most platforms these days all provide similar optimization opportunities. The platform itself isn’t nearly as important as:

  • The usefulness of the content
  • The site speed
  • The site’s URL structure
  • Link signals
  • How long the site has been around
  • What folks are saying about the site

All of which are completely separate from the website’s platform.

What will it cost to work with you?

The investment in your website’s marketing & SEO will vary from site to site because there are several different factors to consider – how competitive is the field, how large of an area are we advertising to, is it seasonal, etc.

We will usually have a modest setup fee for the initial ad campaign which usually starts around $500 for the typical website as defined above, then your ad budget + our management fee, which will vary from client to client.

How do we work together?

Get in touch with us! We’ll set up a Zoom call to talk about your business, your website, what you know about marketing & SEO, what you’d like to see out of a marketing campaign, and what experiences you’ve had in the past.

After that, we’ll email  you a quote & let you decide when you’re ready to pull the trigger.

Let's work together.

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