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You need an awesome website + you know that you’re better off with a pro but it’s been tough finding a designer who makes your style – elevating your brand + business online doesn’t have to be a headache. We’re here to help you with that, from start to finish with our premium website service.

Custom website design & development is what we do. All. The. Time. We actually have our own dedicated team of web designers, how cool is that? What this means for you is that you won’t need to wait on us for your website to be finished, we’re usually waiting for our clients’ specific quality content.

Our collaborative process for our website design services means that the dreamy idea you have for your website can become a reality. You don’t have to settle for templates + limited customization options.

We’re into quality, detailed website design + development, and that little extra something that will set your online presence apart from your competition. We’ve made so many websites over the years that there are things that are second nature to our web designers that one-off designers will never have the opportunity to explore, through no fault of their own, that’s just how it is when one person does everything in a website design company.

The three key differences between our Standard & our Premium website services are that Premium includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization (read more on this in the long description below)
  • An annual redesign, if needed
  • Fully custom design



We're Continual Care Web Designers

As professionals, we need to point out some important items for consideration:

  • All of our website design services focus on providing good user experiences on all devices, so our sites are all mobile-optimized. After all, websites are made for people. All websites that host with us get free SSL as well.
  • Your custom website design service can be completely finished in 2-3 weeks, depending on your response time to our team.
  • Your website may have as many pages as you like. We’ll help with your products, too, but if a client’s site has very complex products, special needs, or there is an excessive number of products to list, it may require an additional quote since more time will be required.
  • We’re all in & from the US & our web design services are handled completely in-house. We don’t outsource anything, ever. Not that there’s anything wrong with web designers around the world, we just know how to easily communicate with our usual clientele.
  • Included SEO: This covers search engine registration & optimized content creation for your homepage the first month & one additional optimization each following month, such as a blog post, another page, or a product.
  • Content writing is only provided at this time for our search engine optimization (SEO) pieces, not the entire site. We do provide content guides on what your main web pages should have on them.
  • Make sure that your website URL is available before we begin work & that there are no other parties with rights reserved on the domain name, etc. Contact us if you’re not sure how to do this.
  • We highly recommend setting up social media accounts specifically for your business while your website is being built, if you haven’t already – this is part of a thorough SEO approach.
  • Custom website design is tailored to each client’s needs, any web design agency that’s been around a while will tell you the same. We therefore have a collaborative design process that has our clients working closely with our team.
  • If your website is eCommerce, check with our staff to be sure that nothing is overlooked like shipping costs, inventory management, etc. We want nothing more than for our customers’ success. We’re eCommerce specialists!
  • We can help with email marketing but we would need to provide a quote for each client individually.
  • Our logo design & business branding services are separate from our web design services, please talk with us about your logo + business branding so you don’t need to work with multiple design companies.

Additional Points of Note:

  1. Affiliate Earnings:Each Website Client will be enrolled in our affiliate program & provided a specific coupon to provide to anyone they wish for as long as they wish for an introductory discounted rate for their referral.
    – Referrals are paid out weekly using PayPal so you must have a PayPal account.
    – Our affiliate program provides lifetime referrals, so as long as the affiliate account remains active & the affiliate’s referrals maintain an active subscription, they will receive a commission every month.
    – Affiliates automatically agree to our terms, which can be found on our affiliate terms page.
  2. Storage space: Email accounts use their own storage space & do not count towards website storage space & vice versa.
    – Premium Business Email accounts provide 25GB of mailbox storage space for the standard PBE account (which is the one that’s included with this service) & the Plus PBE plan.
    – Additionally, Plus provides:
    – Mobile Sync to sync contacts and calendars
    – 30GB Cloud Drive for storing and sharing documents
    – Online editing of documents and spreadsheets
  3. SEO: Included SEO provides content creation & optimization on 1 product, article, or page per month. We do have a dedicated SEO service if you’d like it to go faster.
  4. Redesigns: Redesigns can’t be banked, meaning if a redesign is performed after 2 or 3 years, the previous year’s redesign is not still available & the website will not be eligible for another free facelift until one calendar year after the finalization of the last redesign.


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