Note: For additional information, check our Policies Page.

What can I do with my website?

Anything legal!

How many pages can my website have?

You’re not limited but we will only place up to 10 pages as part of our service. Website customers that require more than 10 pages should contact us for a quote on their specific needs.
NOTE: This also includes products.

Will my rate change?

Rates are subject to change based on economic conditions but we will always notify you via a customer note on your account if we need to adjust your rate. Promotional rates are adjusted to normal rates after the promotional period, usually one year.

How soon can my website be completed?

Depending on our work load at the time, websites are usually completed within one week of receiving your content. Website orders are first come, first served, so if a website customer returns their form before another customer, their website will be worked on first.

  • If you don’t have your domain name available for use, your website can’t be published on your desired domain.
  • Delays in providing your content (images & text) are outside of our control & may cause delays publishing your website.

Can I make changes to my website myself?

Yes, definitely. We have several tutorial videos showing how to achieve the usual tasks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCojbXudfoY_uS-UJckX6bDQ/playlists

For things that need done which aren’t covered here, we will do it for you & prep a video for you showing how to do it, if you like.

Do you provide 24/7 support?

We do not! We’re a small, boutique style business & while we do keep an eye out for emergencies, we’re also human & have other things that we need to do.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yep! Once the account is cancelled, the website will no longer be published – our customers are under no obligation to continue paying if it’s just not working the way they’d like it to.

Can I have my design customized?

Any custom design work done by us will need to be quoted for as an additional service fee but website customers are free to edit their websites in any way they like.

Can I move my website somewhere else?

Not at this time. Our website service is presented as a turnkey package so to move it elsewhere would require a significant additional fee.

Do you provide your websites in (Shopify/Squarespace/Wix/etc.)?

No, our managed websites are all based on WordPress & WooCommerce.

Can I get a custom website?

We will eventually reintroduce a custom website process.

Is email included?

Yes, each managed website comes with 1 business email account with 25GB storage space. Additional email accounts are available for an additional fee.

Is there anything that would cause my rate to be different?

Not for anything that we’re doing but website customers are responsible to purchase & maintain additional software & licensing for any third party apps, plugins, services, etc. that are required on their website. This is determined entirely by the website owner’s needs & not influenced by us in any way.

Can I get a logo with my website?

Each website design comes with the logo seen in the listing images, edited for the website owner’s business name. If you’d like a different logo, we recommend hiring Lily at Premade Logo Market.

Do you provide content creation if I need help?

Not at this time but we do recommend hiring Kate for any professional content creation you need – she’s incredibly gifted & can produce perfectly optimized content for your website. Email her here.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Due to the amount of time required, we can’t manually reach out to let customers know if they have missed a payment but our system does send out failure notices. If an account is behind for two weeks, the system will suspend the website & will automatically restore the website once the account is brought current. If you prefer to place your account on an annual billing basis, let us know & we’ll help with that.

What does my purchase include?

Your purchase includes uneditable logo files in large format. We provide the following file types: .jpg, .png, .pdf. The .png file has a transparent background so you can feasibly use the file as a watermark, or on a website with a colored background. Vector files with no editable text are available upon request.

Can I request changes to the logo?

Sure, we do allow for some changes. We adjust the logo to be reflective of your business name. We also allow you to request a font change, and we’re happy to adjust the color of the text! Any other additions, subtractions, or modifications to the logo graphics will require a custom logo order.

Is the premade logo unique to me?

Our premade logos are resold; the best way to have a unique logo is to place an order for a custom logo, which we design specifically for you! We do not offer the option to retire our premade logos.

Can I trademark my premade logo?

No, the rights remain with us. Because premade logos are resold, we do not transfer the rights to them. If your requirements are for a design that is entirely unique to you, and therefore a design that you’re able to trademark, you may need to consider Custom Logo Design or Basic Business Branding.

To learn a bit more about our custom design services, click here.

How long does the process take?

We try our best to provide proofing the same or next business day! For any orders placed over the weekend, proofing will be provided the Monday we return to work! If you provide your approval quickly, there’s a good chance you might have those files the same day!

How do I get my files?

Once your finalized files have been prepared, we’ll send you a Google Drive download link. You do not need a Drive account to access your download, but you will need to download your files from a desktop computer — not a tablet, or a phone since those devices don’t possess the software to unzip your files. We must use a download link to provide your files to you because they’re so large, they’d crash your email inbox!

We recommend downloading, and then backing up your file set on cloud storage or external storage. While we will maintain your files in our cloud storage, in the event of a catastrophic failure, it is always best to ensure you have files saved as well!

Can I use my logo files for websites, business cards, etc.?

The short answer is yes! But, you may need editing software to resize the logos, as we provide large format files with the logo purchase, not resized files. If you don’t have, or are unfamiliar with, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you may want to consider looking into Canva or PicMonkey. We’re not affiliated with either of these entities, but we hear that the software gets the job done! If you wish to upload your logo to have business cards made, most browser-based uploading allows you to resize the logo accordingly.

Should you need any help designing your branded materials after receiving your premade logo, we do offer a la carte item design!

Did you know that we also offer website design services?

Do you have a preference for printers?

We vouch only for Moo and Vistaprint. We’re also not affiliated with either print lab, but we use both printers for our own materials and can vouch for their quality. Other printers may have difficulty working with our files, as not all printers use the same software, so please check with your printer for their requirements.

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